Experimental Archaeology (1S OR 2S)


This is a spring or fall semester-long interdisciplinary, project-based course set mostly in our new outdoor classroom. The aim of the course is to explore how humans moved from the Stone Age into the Bronze Age by exploring Archaeology, Ancient History, Science, and Art.

Students will carry out a series of experiments over the semester to learn and replicate skills from fire lighting and flint knapping to pottery making and bronze casting. Students need to be willing to get their hands dirty as many of the experiments will be carried out in an outdoor setting, and you will get dirty! At the same time, we will look at how archaeologists work and we will learn about some of the most important archaeological sites and civilizations from around the world. The course will end with a simulated archaeological excavation and a final project in which the students will use the skills they have mastered to create an object from one of the civilizations covered in the course.

Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

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