EDIB at Menlo

Professional Development

Menlo encourages an adult-centered learning culture that exposes our practitioners to skills, strategies, and diverse forms of content that will transform not only their worldview but their instructional practices.

Through faculty-led cultural competency professional development sessions, probing questions will be answered through collaborative learning and individual inquiry. Each faculty member will understand cultural awareness and access new knowledge to lead with confidence, humility, and joy. 



  • Do I know the dimensions of identity including but not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, age, ability, religion, and national origin?
  • Do I know major domains of cultural differences, including but not limited to: cross-cultural communication, intercultural conflict, and identity development?
  • Do I know the definitions and distinctions between diversity, inclusion, equity, cultural competence, and social justice?
  • Do I understand the meaning and application of the terms stereotype, prejudice, bias, oppression, privilege, and internalized oppression?


  • Do I understand how my values, perception, and behaviors are influenced by my identity, culture, and experiences?
  • Do I recognize how my values and biases may affect how I see and act towards people who are culturally different than my own?
  • Do I recognize sensitivity to the fact that there are words, labels, and behaviors that have an impact on certain groups of people, including but not limited to microaggressions, marginalization, minoritization, fragility, and shame.

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