Fall Season

Cross Country - Middle School


For questions about the Middle School Athletics program, contact Joe McDonald.

Cross Country

The Cross Country program is designed to help students improve fitness, learn to run correctly, and compete. The team is built on a daily regimen of warm ups, cardiovascular conditioning and speed work. There will be games and activities during the program to keep the program diverse. Students will run on campus and off campus as part of their workouts. They will also participate in our after-school league meets with other schools. 

Cross Country Program Information

Cross Country - Team Schedule


A Note about Transportation to Meets

All meets will have a bus going to and from the site. Please try to inform the coach in advance if you plan to pick up your child at the meet. If you want to have someone else drive your child home from a meet, you need to inform the coach in writing—by text, e-mail, or note—in advance. Please click the links in the location column for directions to away events.

Cross Country Coaches

Keith Larsen

Cross Country, Track Coach, Middle School Basketball, Cross Country, Volleyball Coach

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