How you get to Menlo matters!

To help reduce our community’s carbon footprint and ensure we meet our neighborhood traffic goals, we hope you will join with others to carpool to and from school. To help families find carpools, our technology department will be launching a new carpool platform for the 2024-2025 school year to help you locate families near you. More details will be available in August. 

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Looking for carpool partners?

Don’t know who lives in your neighborhood? Menlo makes it easy to connect with fellow commuters.

This year we are partnering with GoKid, the award-winning carpool solution—using their technology, you will be able to easily set up and manage carpools with other Menlo families when we launch the platform on August 20. To create an account with GoKid and gain access to their technology, please fill out this GoKid sign-up form by August 20! Once you’ve completed the form, be on the lookout for the launch email welcoming you to the school carpool program with information on how to set up your account.

GoKid Carpool Management

Using GoKid Connect—a dedicated platform for Menlo families—you will be able to easily find carpool partners with families who live near you and set up carpools. Once your carpools are set up, you’ll be able to manage them on the GoKid Connect app. Beyond school carpools, their solution can be used for other after-school activities, such as sports activities. Watch the GoKid Connect demo video here, or you can read more information on the parent pamphlet.

In order to participate in the program, please sign up on the GoKid sign-up form. By filling out the form, you are consenting to share the information you provide with GoKid. The data will only be used for the management of the carpool system. Important to know:

Carpool Incentives

Carpoolers will benefit from the 30 dedicated carpool parking spaces in Menlo’s main lot. If you’re planning to carpool and park on campus, register for a carpool parking permit with the Student Life Office.

Carpool Definition

A carpool is defined in one of two ways:
1. Three Menlo School faculty, staff, or students (or combination) who arrive on campus in the same car
2. Any combination of two or more families that takes at least one car off the road