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The college search is an opportunity to explore your interests, reflect on your values, and find your own voice.

We’re here to help.

Your college search is both external and internal. Yes, you’ll create a list of colleges that match your criteria. But to discover that list, you’ll first undertake an internal search: a quest to discover who you are, what’s special about you, and what’s important to you. Through this educational journey, you’ll find a college that’s the right match for you, and put yourself on your path to life after Menlo. We’re here to be your guides along the way. So get to know us, and help us get to know you!

Our Approach Is:

All about finding the right “match”

That means you find the school that works for you: one that matches your academic, social, size, and location desires. Your list of potential ‘homes’ for the next four years will develop as you discover what’s important to you. And remember, the right match is right in both directions: both you and the college pick each other.


At Menlo, everything we do puts students at the center of their own learning. You’re the driver—but you’ve got your counselor with you to help navigate the road.

An extension of Menlo’s educational philosophy

Throughout your years at Menlo, you’ve practiced self-advocacy, introspection, and self-expression. The college search process is no different—the skills you’ll learn while on this path will help you continue your educational journey once in college.

Built around supportive, individualized counseling

With over 55 combined years of experience in the field, we’ve got plenty of resources and know a lot about the wide range of colleges out there. We’ll meet with you often, and the best way we can help you is to get to know you. So come say hi!

College Counseling Team

David Melena

Associate Director of College Counseling

Elena Wong, Associate Director of College Counseling
Elena Wong

Associate Director of College Counseling

Grace Hartman, Associate Director of College Counseling
Grace Hartman

Associate Director of College Counseling

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