Shuttle & Transit Schedules

Public transit options to get to Menlo

Menlo offers shuttle service to and from the Menlo Park Caltrain station every school day. If you are planning to take the Caltrain Shuttle to and/or from Menlo this year, please fill out this form.

Please note the schedule is subject to change based on Caltrain times. All students must wear a mask at all times on the shuttle. The afternoon shuttles will pick up in the Loop from Menlo. The shuttle will not wait. If morning trains are late, students should be prepared to walk or take an earlier shuttle. The last morning shuttle will leave to take the students that have arrived and may not be able to make it back in time for delays.

If you need any help with shuttle service during your commute, please call Jannell Walker at 650.799.9003. The transportation department has created a group on the school messaging app called Remind to keep parents and students informed of any changes to the schedule, late arrivals, or emergency notifications. You can join the Remind group here with the code @menlotrain.

Public Transit Resources

To find your public transit options to get to and from school, use the Public Transit Trip Planner on—look on the left side of the homepage. You can even use their mobile app for help on the go.

Clipper Card

An easy way to use public transportation throughout the Bay Area, with your Clipper Card you can buy monthly passes for Caltrain, samTrans, VTA, BART and other systems; students 17 years old and younger qualify for discount fares.


The San Mateo County Transit District bus system travels throughout the Bay Area and has stops near campus. Fare listings here. Route 83 runs along Valparaiso. Routes 295, 296, 390, KX and 85 stop at the Menlo Park Caltrain station, where you can catch the Menlo School Shuttle (see schedule above) to campus.


Access the weekday Caltrain schedule here and the station map here. Fare listings are here



Shuttle Schedules (Fall 2023)

Shuttle Pick up from Menlo Train Station


Serves Northbound Southbound
7:36 am

#106 SB


7:36 am

8:00 am

#303 NB

 7:58 am  
8:15 am

#304 SB

#109 NB

8:34 am

8:12 am
8:36 am

#108 SB


8:36 am

Shuttle Departure from Menlo School Loop

  Serves Northbound Southbound
3:15 pm

#123 NB

#122 SB

3:32 pm

3:38 pm

3:45 pm

#307 NB

#308 SB

3:58 pm

4:13 pm

4:20 pm

#125 NB

#124 SB

#309 NB

4:34 pm


4:58 pm

4:36 pm

4:55 pm #310 SB   5:12 pm
5:20 pm

#127 NB

#126 SB

5:34 pm

5:36 pm

5:45 pm

#311 NB

#312 SB

5:58 pm

6:12 pm

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April 17-28, 2023: Temporary Shuttle schedule

Shuttle Pick up from Menlo Train Station Serves Northbound Southbound

7:20 AM

#658 SB   7:19AM
7:55 AM

#657 NB

7:54 AM


8:20 AM #154 SB   8:19 AM

Shuttle Departure from Menlo School Loop Serves Northbound Southbound
3:05 PM



3:20 PM

3:35 PM

#169 NB

3:48 PM


4:05 PM



4:19 PM

4:40 PM #677 NB 4:54 PM  
5:05 PM




5:35 PM

#675 NB

5:54 PM