Student Life


At Menlo, you’ll be known and supported in all you do.

Student-Teacher Connection

A Menlo teacher’s role goes beyond the classroom. At the center of our mission is a deep commitment to the development and welfare of each student. The adults at Menlo—teachers, coaches, counselors, and staff—create close, respectful, and inspirational relationships with their students, promoting courage, integrity, and ethical behavior. Special programs like Advocacy, focus directly on students’ personal well-being.

“Menlo School is a relational campus. Teachers and all staff thrive if they feel closer to their students (we are hard-wired for relationships). This way of thinking—how to enhance relational teaching, while continuing to nurture the student and advocate bond—will lead to a harmonious, well-balanced campus, head and heart.”

Dr. Ellen Honnet, Director, Stanley King Counseling Institute 

Advocacy at Menlo

The Menlo School Advocacy Program provides a safe place to develop supportive relationships between a student and their advocate, as well as between a student and their peers. The advocate provides a positive adult presence in the student’s life, which is seen as vital for a successful Menlo School experience. As a significant adult, the advocate can become a guide, a facilitator, or a mentor for the student, their family, and the faculty. The advocacy program bridges home, school, and real-world concerns. Upper School advocates stay with their students for all four years. Middle School students get a new advocate each year, as Middle School advocates are members of the grade-level team.

Each Menlo School student belongs to an advocacy group that respects individual differences, explores issues, and increases caring for self and others. Each group establishes norms, supports members through good and bad times, fosters positive learning experiences, engenders cooperation in special projects, and works to establish collaboration with others. Groups meet at regular times, in an environment conducive to the group experience.


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