Athletics Philosophy & Values

Sound mind. Sound body. Sound character.

From the novice to the college-bound athlete, Menlo’s Athletics program provides students the opportunity to develop mind, body, and character for themselves, their teams, and their school. 

All Middle School students participate in athletics as part of our PE program, and nearly 80 percent of the Upper School student body participates in at least one sport.

Athletes, coaches, and parents together strive to develop a commitment to their team, and the courage to try and give their best effort. Athletics allow our students to practice graciousness, respect, and honesty for their teammates, competitors, coaches, and officials. All the while, they continue to learn the importance of “sound body, sound mind,” with physical conditioning and nutrition. Menlo teams and athletes have reached the highest levels of competition from Northern California regionals to state championships all while abiding by our longstanding commitment toward being your best, accepting responsibility, putting the team first, and behaving with sportsmanship.

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Upper School Philosophy & Values

Menlo School has a long and proud athletic tradition.

The Upper School Athletics program complements Menlo School’s rigorous college preparatory program with an extensive offering of highly competitive team sports. For the novice to the college-bound athlete, Menlo offers unparalleled opportunity and excellence. The Upper School provides 11 boys’ sports and 10 girls’ sports with teams at the freshman, JV, and varsity levels. Teams compete in the West Bay Athletic League  (basketball, cross country, golf, girls’ lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis, track & field, volleyball), Peninsula Athletic League (baseball, football), and West Catholic Athletic League (boys’ lacrosse, boys’ and girls’ water polo). Menlo School Athletics provides students the opportunity to develop mind, body, and character for themselves, their teams, and their school. Athletes, coaches, parents, and staff work together to follow the principles:

Pursue Excellence

  • Embrace and celebrate competitive excellence while taking responsibility for meeting the highest standards in both academics and athletics.
  • Develop a growth mindset, build resiliency, and commit to continual improvement.
  • Find joy in the process.

Celebrate Team

  • Develop a sense of commitment to purposes larger than yourself.
  • Cherish the legacy you’re inheriting and recognize that it is a privilege to play sports at Menlo School.
  • Recognize that everyone on the team is valuable, and treat them accordingly.

Honor the Game

  • Perform as ethical, responsible, and engaged members of ever-wider communities.
  • Celebrate and honor your team, officials, opponents, school, fans, and sport.
  • Strive to compete at your highest level possible.

Uphold Strong Values

  • Exhibit courage, appreciate inclusiveness and diversity, and commit to moral behavior.
  • Act with integrity.
  • Lead responsibly, with humility, honor, fairness, honesty, virtue, and character.

Middle School Philosophy & Values

Philosophy: Better People, Better Students, Better Athletes

The Middle School provides all students with the opportunity to participate, build their skills, learn sportsmanship, and learn to be productive team members in both the intramural and interscholastic programs. In keeping with the School’s mission statement and philosophy, Menlo Athletics functions as an integral part of the total Menlo School curriculum. It strives to align with the general objectives of the School by promoting sound learning and strong character.

We Believe:

The foundational objective—Be Your Best—applies not only to on-field performance but also to conduct and character outside the field.

  • Everyone should have a positive learning experience.
  • All students learn and improve through structured practice and play.
  • All participants should display proper sportsmanship at all times and be good role models.
  • Success is not measured by the scoreboard, but by learning and competing to be your best.


Athletics is considered an integral part of every student’s education at Menlo School. Each Middle School student is required to participate daily in either physical education (PE) or as a member of an interscholastic team. The sixth grade practice and physical education runs from 1:00 to 2:05 pm daily. Every sixth grader joins an intramural or interscholastic team.

Seventh and eighth graders have athletics from 2:10-3:15 daily. Students have the option of trying out for and playing on an interscholastic or intramural team, or enrolling in a PE class. For Middle School students, a range of sports and classes are offered: girls’ lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, football, softball, soccer, tennis, baseball, cross-country, track & field, water polo, and swimming. Our classes include dance, and lacrosse. Teams compete in the West Bay Athletic Middle School League. We have a no-cut policy and will make as many teams as possible to support our students. 

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