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Menlo’s programs are made even stronger by the use of technology in and out of the classroom.

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At Menlo, we believe that engagement in the classroom provides the best student learning.

Our BYOD (bring your own device) program facilitates collaborative and project-based learning. It allows for personalized instruction and assessment through a variety of media. It creates an environment in which students practice responsible tech use and online behaviors, and develop organizational skills and habits that will serve them throughout and beyond their time at Menlo.

Laptop Requirements

Upper School students are required to bring a laptop with them to school each day, charged and ready to use. While teachers are equipped with Mac laptops, students may bring either Mac or Windows devices. Please see full details below.

Middle School students are required to bring a Mac laptop with them to school each day, charged and ready to use. Please see full details below.




Taking Care of Your Device

Laptops are very portable and fairly sturdy if they are cared for. We recommend you:

  • Keep it in its case for protection.
  • Avoid carrying it in a backpack in such a way that objects press against the glass screen, even through the case.
  • Keep the laptop with you. Do not leave the laptop unattended outside, in a classroom or in a backpack; you should keep it in your locker when it’s not in use.

Your device’s battery should last all day long. It is your responsibility to charge it overnight so that you have access to it in class.

Tech Support @ Menlo

The Tech Department provides basic software and hardware support for students’ laptops during normal school hours. We cannot perform hardware repairs, but we can help diagnose issues and offer advice about where and how to solve them. We cannot provide data recovery services, so be sure to back up your work!

Behavior and Acceptable Use

Use of your laptop is subject to the terms of the Computer and Network Use Agreement in the Menlo School Student and Parent Handbook. Please respect the rights of other users.

You may use your device in class as long as the use is not disruptive and is related to the class. Your teacher has the right to ask you not to use it for any reason.

Digital Age Parenting

As our students begin to explore, connect, create, and learn online, they are exposed to new opportunities and potential pitfalls. We want our students to become wise consumers and ethical producers and participants in online media.

Educating your children is a partnership. We highly recommend you have a conversation with your child regarding the use of technology both at school and at home. We like Common Sense Media’s Family Media Agreements to start conversations around technology in your home.

Because no single solution will cover every situation, you should become familiar with the benefits and limitations of enabling parental controls. You may also wish to consider Circle for managing your child’s internet use at home.

Digital Citizenship is woven throughout the Middle School curriculum. Drawing from Common Sense Media’s Digital Citizenship curriculum as well as other resources, it addresses the hazards of connected culture and also offers healthy strategies for students to manage their digital lives. In addition to classroom materials, Common Sense Media offers a wealth of resources around parenting in the digital age.

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