The Redwood Grove on the Upper School campus.


In keeping with Menlo’s mission and values, we’re committed to doing our part for the community and the environment.

A greener transportation program alone is not enough. So we’re doing more. GO MENLO is just one part of our green efforts. Chrissy Orangio, Menlo’s Director of Sustainability, collaborates with students, teachers, and parents to create real change in our community. The Menlo School Green Council, comprised of chosen representatives, continues to work on new initiatives. If you’re interested in helping with these initiatives, contact Chrissy Orangio.

Where will this take us?

Menlo will:

  • Track our resource consumption and greenhouse gas production—then try to decrease those numbers
  • Raise community sensitivity to environmental issues through classroom study, speakers, and campus activities
  • Provide tactical support for green programs initiated by members of the Menlo community

Through these actions, we’ll become a more environmentally responsible community.

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