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Circle of Support: Counseling and Wellness Resources for the Menlo Community

Our hope is to provide a wide range of material to read, watch, and listen to so that you can engage with what resonates most with you and your family.

As we re-emerge into a new “normal” from the aftereffects of the pandemic, we continue to see resiliency and positivity as well as a new form of life management that is marked by ongoing re-entry challenges. More than ever, it is vital for us to positively connect with, support, and show up for one another. 

Life challenges bring the power and importance of genuine human connection and meaningful relationships into sharp focus and provide an opportunity for us to celebrate our shared humanity. Whether you’re seeking balance, insight, community, or support as you work to find your way through these unprecedented times or a difficulty that is more personal, we’re here and look forward to connecting.

Menlo School counselors greet parents at the Parent Faculty Education Conference.

Counseling & Well-Being Resources

In the spirit of connection and support, Menlo’s counseling team offers a robust collection of mental health and wellness resources. 



Menlo School Counselors

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The Counseling Team

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