Looking for carpool partners? Don’t know who lives in your neighborhood? Menlo has made it easier than ever to connect with fellow commuters.


Please note that we are no longer using Zimride.

Carpool Map

Click here to find 2018-2019 Menlo families in your neighborhood or on your commute path. Please note: this password-protected site is for Menlo-related use only.

Carpool Incentives

Carpoolers will benefit from the 30 dedicated carpool parking spaces in Menlo’s main lot. If you’re planning to carpool and park on campus, register for a carpool parking permit with the Student Life Office.

Carpool Definition

A carpool is defined in one of two ways:
1. Three Menlo School faculty, staff or students (or combination) who arrive on campus in the same car
2. Any combination of two or more families that takes at least one car off the road