Our teachers really teach. And then some.

Joanie Banks-Hunt (second from right) with engineering students “As teachers, we always challenge ourselves and each other to find ever-better ways of making education relevant to each student we teach. It’s a privilege to work with the kids Menlo attracts, and an honor to refine our abilities alongside our colleagues. I feel so lucky to be teaching here at Menlo.” —K.R., faculty

Our innovative teachers make learning happen. Open the door of our classrooms and you may find a lively book discussion, a debate about the causes of World War I, a biology experiment, or a group of students collaboratively solving a statistics problem. 

Menlo’s teachers come from diverse backgrounds: some have been teaching their entire career, others have worked in business or technology before finding their true passion in the classroom. Some grew up in Menlo Park, others in Japan or another part of the world. In all cases, they bring their experience and knowledge to create an engaging learning experience.

At Menlo, we believe a teacher’s role goes beyond the classroom. That’s why our faculty members spend much of their time meeting one-on-one with students, watching their performances or games, supervising clubs, or sitting on the Quad just talking with the kids.