Menlo School students test new skills in movie making class.. Photo by Pete Zivkov.

Upper School Creative Arts


Lights, camera, action!

Get creative. Explore the art of digital moving images. Tell your story through movies.

In Moviemaking, students explore and develop their creativity through making movies. Through many hands-on projects, students learn and practice skills such as using lighting effectively, using various microphones and cameras, using green screens, and editing in Final Cut. 

A student in Menlo's moviemaking program with a camera.

Upper School Moviemaking Faculty

Upper School Movie Making Course Offerings

Additional Programs

Film Festivals – All students are encouraged to submit their movies to Menlo’s annual Film Festival, a non-competitive event open to all Menlo students involved in making movies, at Menlo or elsewhere. In addition, students are encouraged to submit their work to other festivals online, locally, and nationally. Moviemaking alumni have gone on to study at the following schools: Chapman University, Loyola Marymount University, NYU, UCLA and USC, among others.

Student Short Films





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