Summer Reading

A list of summer reading files for the 2020-2021 school year.

Middle School

  • Summer reading assignments are available on the library website here.

Upper School

  • After June 10, summer reading assignments are published on the library website here

 Use these pages to see which book(s) are needed for summer assignments, make your choice as to whether you want to buy new or used copies, then purchase from the vendor that best suits you—the school is not recommending a particular vendor. The ISBN indicates the particular edition that the teacher expects to see in class; please purchase that edition, as assignments will refer to the page numbers in it.

The Menlo School Library has print copies of many (not all) of the textbooks, particularly paperback fiction and nonfiction used in literature courses. These books can be used in the library but may not be checked out and taken home. 

Many of these titles are available as ebooks that you can borrow from our library or purchase for yourself. Please note that Upper School teachers require print editions of these books. Middle School students may choose print, ebooks, or audiobooks.