M Term

M Term: Learning out in the world

In May, after the conclusion of APs and finals, Menlo students will engage in immersive mini-courses designed to get them learning out in our local and global communities. Hands-on and experiential, the M Term curriculum aligns with Menlo’s mission to empower students to become ethical, responsible, and engaged members of ever-wider communities and help them develop a sense of commitment to purposes larger than themselves. This new curricular initiative launches in May 2018 as a week-long pilot program, and it will likely expand to two and maybe even three weeks in the coming years. (Look for an overview of classes for May 2018 this December.)

M Term Overview


In 9th Grade, students will be offered a series of classes organized around the theme of the “many Californias,” which will explore topics such as agricultural production, coastal environmental issues, migrant workers, and the various communities and economies in our region.


In 10th Grade, students will take classes that grapple with the human dimension of local social and public policy challenges like poverty and homelessness, access to education, and criminal justice and incarceration.

These 9th and 10th Grade classes will have an experiential education focus and many will feature awareness building as well as a service orientation.


Eleventh graders will choose from a slate of innovative, collaborative, interdisciplinary classes that will take advantage of the new schedule (full-day classes) to offer exciting, project-based learning opportunities not possible during the regular-year schedule. View the 2018 M Term course offerings for juniors


During May, twelfth-grade students will be executing senior projects over the course of the month as is the Menlo tradition. However, some seniors might be interested in utilizing M Term for their senior projects by co-developing and serving as a TA for an M Term class as their project.

Menlo Abroad – M Term Global Travel For Grades 9-11

Menlo’s global travel learning program will be integrated into M Term as another option for students to consider in lieu of the other M Term courses. The international trips, which all feature homestays, will depart in late May with students staying overseas until mid-June. To date, Menlo Abroad programs have gone to Guatemala and India and are looking to add China and other countries in the future.