John’s Corner

Upper School Director John Schafer discusses a range of topics about the high school experience at Menlo.

John’s Corner: How Do We Ensure That Grades Are Consistent (and Fair) Across Teachers of the Same Course?

John’s Corner: A Parent’s Perspective on the College Search Process

John’s Corner: On Helping Your Student Develop a Strategy to Get the Most Out of Tutorial Time

John’s Corner: On Ensuring an Innovative and Relevant Curriculum

John’s Corner: Interview with Director of Learning Resources Ryan Dean

John’s Corner: Stress and Wellness

John’s Corner: Interview with College Counseling Director Lisa Giarratano

John’s Corner: How to Prepare for Exams


John’s Corner: Transforming ‘How Was School?’ into Meaningful Chats

John’s Corner: On Transformation vs Transaction

John’s Corner: Alumni Survey Feedback

John’s Corner: On Why We Don’t Post Grades Online

John’s Corner: About our Faculty Evaluation Process

 Student Panel Discussions

Student Panel with John Schafer: Transition from Middle School to Upper School

Reflections and Advice: Conversations with Menlo’s Graduating Seniors