Menlo News March 04, 2022

Upper School Drama Presents “Senior Spotlight”

Menlo Upper School Drama presents the 2022 Menlo Drama Senior Spotlight.


Ta-da! Tune in tonight, March 4, at 7:30 pm at for the world premiere of the 2022 Menlo Drama Senior Spotlight, a historical retrospective featuring Menlo Drama ’22 seniors. We’re excited to showcase their combined talents onstage over the last four years in this video presentation of one-of-a-kind moments from past performances along with new footage of never-before-seen live performances by five of our very own, Amay Goel, Kate Richardson, Peter Hanson, Tucker Gold, and Uma Misha. For the past two years, the pandemic presented many challenges, but through it all, our seniors brought their best and that’s worth celebrating!

This short video retrospective and recorded-live-performance hybrid not only pays tribute to the stage accomplishments of some of our extraordinary Menlo Drama Seniors today, but also is a stand-alone piece of theater with selections woven together from amazing past productions featuring illustrious alumni including, Clara Guthrie ’19, Maddie Bernheim ’19, Ethan Bernheim ’20, Jordan Gold ’19, Mack Ford ’21, Braedon Young ’19, Emma McGaraghan ’20, Declan Stanton ’20, Elizabeth Vaynblat ’20, Langley Ward ’21, Allie Lev ’21, Annabelle Marenghi ’21, Griffin Thomas ’20, Emma Dressel ’20, Trent Conley ’22, Leo Jergovic ’21, and James Leupold ’20, among others.

Enjoy this dynamic array of thespians and their outstanding contributions from yesterday to today!