The Menlo Roundtable

AP Art Portfolio

“This past year, feelings of angst and anxiety have worked their way into my own life. In my sustained investigation, I rationalize these feelings by breaking down my emotions and demons into tangible figures, objects, and scenes. Fueled by the ever-present pressure of school work, responsibility, and social standards, I created a series of artwork to express how I felt.”— Josh White

“I am so impressed with Josh’s ability to think deeply and conceptualize topics of strong interest to him. He is very adept at translating his concepts into visually evocative images. It took a lot of courage for Josh to create a sustained investigation showcasing his inner turmoil, pressure, and isolation fueled by the pressures of school in a pandemic year. The final art pieces are a testimony to Josh’s perseverance and dedication to improving his craft.” — Nina Ollikainen

View select images from the portfolio:

Photo: Original art by Josh White ’22