The Menlo Roundtable
Carla Roever

Carla Roever ’17

Germany has opened its doors to Muslim immigrants and refugees. What government policies will allow them to flourish after they enter?

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Sylvia Chen

Sylvia Chen ’18

Photography and colorful graphics are combined to illustrate the elegant and fluid motion of the human body.

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Grant Dumanian

Grant Dumanian ’18

FDR was one of the greatest American presidents. Why was he unable to permanently establish the program he cared about most?

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Meena Karamcheti

Meena Karamcheti ’18

Women in uniform…in 1942? Find out how the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps bill was passed so they could serve their country in WWII.

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Robert Miranda

Robert Miranda ’18

The hardest part of track and field is running the right pace. Human pacers work but a line-following robot is a reliable alternative.

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Ally Stuart

Ally Stuart ’18

In stories set “out at sea, away from civilized life, sailors are tested by nature and each other in direct and often dramatic ways.”

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Tiffany Tam

Tiffany Tam ’18

There’s ‘romantic’ and there’s Romantic. The protagonist of Lolita thinks of himself as a Romantic artist, but Lolita is no love story.

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Drew Wadsworth

Drew Wadsworth ’18

Drew designed and built an experimental plasma chamber, and then he used it to conduct experiments on glow discharge plasma.

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