Spanish for Spanish Speakers


Spanish for Spanish Speakers (formerly Heritage Spanish) is a course for students who have had significant exposure to the language and may already possess a high level of oral and listening proficiency.

Objectives include building upon the language knowledge that students bring to the classroom and advancing their proficiency in Spanish for multiple contexts. Special attention is given to building vocabulary, acquiring and effectively using learning strategies, and strengthening composition skills and reading comprehension in Spanish. Cultural projects and readings reinforce learners’ understanding of the diversity of Spanish-speaking communities and the multiple issues related to the Hispanic cultures in the USA.

The course is conducted entirely in Spanish and includes middle school students in all three grades of both native and non-native backgrounds. Oral participation is emphasized in order to further develop oral skills by regularly practicing presentational speaking tasks. Spanish for Spanish Speakers provides students with an array of opportunities to communicate effectively and accurately including movie reviews, article reactions and book reports on short novels, and interviews with family members about their personal experiences and family traditions.