Advanced Topics in Chemistry (H)


Advanced Topics in Chemistry is a challenging and exciting course which offers an in-depth dive into chemistry. Students probe deeply into the nature of matter and its changes on both the macro- and microscopic levels. Topics include the structure of matter, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, quantum mechanics, and the role of energy in chemical changes among others. The course promotes a qualitative (i.e. descriptive) understanding of chemistry and has a substantial quantitative component as well. The goal is to intimately bridge the conceptual, mathematical, and laboratory aspects of the science to develop a deep and practical understanding that enables complex problem solving. There is little memorization in AT Chemistry; instead, students master the concepts and learn to apply them to solve a wide variety of problems including in the lab, where students learn to be independent and devise their own procedures for many of the experiments. This course is ideal for those who enjoy the many facets of chemistry.

Prerequisite: B+ or better in Honors Chemistry

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