Psychology II: Applied Psychology (2S)


This course is about learning the psychology behind issues that matter most to you and sharing those findings with people who need to hear them. The first unit of the course begins with a wide scope and introduces students to the ‘greatest hits’ from a range of psychological fields. We preview the psychology of mental health and social media, sports performance, memory and learning, developmental stages, persuasion, and human relationships. The second unit reviews research methods in the field of psychology - how do psychologists ethically design research to answer the big questions of their field? In the final unit, students will develop their own questions and design small research studies to answer them. Students will then share their findings with a target audience that could benefit from their investigation. If you are interested in this course at the honors level, it is recommended (but not required) to first take Psychology I. Open to all juniors and seniors and to sophomores, if space is available.

Note: Honors option available to juniors and seniors.

Open to juniors and seniors and sophomores if space is available.