Integrated Geometry and Algebra


Integrated Geometry and Algebra is designed for students who enter the ninth grade needing additional review and practice in foundational algebra skills. Although the focus of the first several units is on developing mechanical proficiency, we expect students to move beyond basic procedural competence to develop a strong conceptual understanding of the material. In addition, students will learn how to document their work and how to study effectively for assessments in mathematics. Beginning in the second quarter, the curriculum is integrated with geometry through examination of the following topics: points, lines planes, angle types and angles formed by parallel lines with transversals, triangle types, congruence, similarity, trapezoids, applications of the Pythagorean Theorem, solution of Pythagorean inequalities, basic right triangle trigonometry, circles, tangents to circles, 3-D solids surface areas and volumes. The course ends with an introduction to functions, quadratics and factoring.

Prerequisite: Place into the class via departmental placement test