Menlo School Faculty & Staff


Sixth grade English exposes students to structured writing, literary discussions, and a wide variety of genre readings. As the year begins with The Giver, students explore this dystopian novel and question the necessity for choice and emotional capacity in humans. With this text, students practice defining vocabulary words in context in addition to using textual evidence to support their claims. The short story and poetry units that follow focus on specific literary devices that authors use to enhance literary themes. Students read pieces that illustrate character development, figurative language, irony, symbolism, conflict, and imagery. After processing and digesting the craftsmanship demonstrated by notable authors, students apply their understanding by crafting their own creative writings. Toward the end of the year, students read Counting by 7s, in which the protagonist overcomes personal challenges with help from a surrogate family. With this novel, students explore messages of empathy and resilience and examine word choice and character development. Throughout each unit, grammar concepts are introduced, practiced, and applied in all of their writing. This course serves as a foundation for both English skills and academic habits.