English 6


Sixth grade English introduces students to the foundational reading, writing and language skills needed throughout Middle School English.

Sixth grade English blends book clubs, a whole-class text, and a supported independent reading program. Book clubs on contemporary realistic fiction, dystopian novels, and fantasy stories are opportunities to collaborate effectively and analyze literary elements, such as characters, themes, and symbolism. The whole-class novel The Giver asks students to question the necessity for choice and emotional capacity in humans. With this text, students learn how to annotate and use textual evidence to support their claims, which culminates in a literary analysis essay at the end of the unit. Independent reading is supported throughout the year by a classroom library, monthly class visits to the Menlo School library, and dedicated reading time. Students apply reading skills taught in class to their independent reading selections.

After processing and digesting the craftsmanship demonstrated by notable authors, students illustrate their understanding by composing their own creative writing pieces, such as a 100-word memoir and a personal vignette. Toward the end of the year, students practice argumentative writing through an editorial piece that combines their personal interests with a call to action.

Throughout each unit, grammar concepts are introduced, practiced, and applied in all of their writing.

This course serves as a foundation for both English skills and academic habits.