James Dann

Upper School Science

Applied Science and Engineering Teacher


I joined the Menlo faculty in 2006. I am the Applied Science and Engineering Department Chair, and I teach Physics 1, Physics with Calculus and Applied Science Research. I also work in the summer challenge program.

After receiving my BS in physics from UC Santa Barbara, I went to UC Santa Cruz to do my Master’s work. Then I spent four years doing research at CERN, the particle physics laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. I received my PhD in 1998. I taught physics at a couple of colleges and then at a high school in San Francisco until 2004. After this, I worked as a senior engineer for a magnetic field measurement lab in Silicon Valley.

In my spare time, I write open-source materials for teachers to use over the web (including the People’s Physics book with my father). However, I mostly enjoy spending time with my family and going on backpacking trips.