Advanced Topics in Spanish: Living in the Gap (H)


Finding Belonging in the In-Between

This Advanced Seminar Topics course centers on the immigrant’s story and how the quest for identity can often be driven by conflicting societal and cultural factors. This course aims to expand students’ ability to communicate at a greater lexical level in all language skills while delving into advanced topics such as politics, history, identity and belonging. Students will be expected to hypothesize, express and defend opinions, and formulate original thoughts in a less structured environment through open discussion and discourse. The course includes analysis of news, culture and literature to aid students in understanding the varied social, political, and economic realities of migrants. We will also examine current issues such as bilingual education, the struggles faced by migrant workers, and the roles Latino’s hold in today’s America. As a culminating project, students will interview a Spanish-speaking immigrant and present their formal reflection to the class. This is not an AP prep course however, students will be exposed to the language and the communities in which it is spoken and should be sufficiently equipped for the AP exam if they choose to take it.

Prerequisite: Permission of current instructor.