Ethnic Studies I: Race, Ethnicity, Nationality and Power in America (1S)


Embark on a transformative journey through the lens of Ethnic Studies, where we deconstruct the historical and contemporary constructions of race, ethnicity, and nationality, and their impact on marginalized communities. This interdisciplinary exploration weaves together history, sociology, and psychology to illuminate the path towards social justice and educational equity. At the heart of this course lie three guiding principles:

1.) Knowledge and Love of Self: through critical analysis: we equip you with the tools to embrace your unique heritage and celebrate the richness of diverse experiences.

2.) Self-Determination: we empower you to reclaim your narrative and understand how social forces shape your identity.

3.) Solidarity: we foster a community of understanding and action, recognizing the interconnectedness of our struggles and building bridges across cultures.. We also work hard at unmasking the social construction of identity and decoding the complex tapestry of race, ethnicity, and nationality, unraveling their artificial constructs and reclaiming our authentic selves. We trace the roots of Ethnic Studies and journey through the history of this critical lens, understanding its evolution and its role in social movements that fight for equality. We will amplify the voices of Native American and Latinx Communities to gain nuanced perspectives on the historical and ongoing struggles for humanization and equality faced by these marginalized groups.

A bonus feature – this class comes with dual enrollment through San Francisco State University’s Step to College program that lets you earn 3 Cal State transferable credits – all for free! These credits count towards both your high school diploma and your future college degree. No prerequisite – open to all juniors and seniors and to sophomores, if space is available.

Honors option available to juniors and seniors. 

Open to seniors and juniors, and sophomores if space is available.