Advanced Topics in Physics: Quantum Mechanics (H) (1S) Electromagnetism and Relativity (H) (2S)


This is an advanced course in physics where we discover the fascinating world of
Harmonic Motion, Rotational dynamics, Electro-magnetism, Super-conductivity,
Quantum Mechanics, Relativity theory and Particle physics. Students will be challenged to think in four dimensions, apply calculus to real-world problems, and suspend how they think the universe works in order to be open to how it really works. Students will read articles in cutting-edge physics, solve problems in topics of current research and do hands-on experiments. Students will be very well prepared for the AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism exam from this course. Students can also prepare for the AP Physics C: Mechanics test with their knowledge from AP Physics 2, material from this class, and some extra work outside of class. If you are part philosopher, part engineer, and part scientist with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for solving tough problems this class is for you.

Prerequisites: Completion of or simultaneously taking AP Calculus BC

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