Mechanical and Electrical Engineering


This is a yearlong course that switches topic midyear.

If you like to make things and break things, then this course is for you. This course will provide students with an introduction to mechanical engineering with an emphasis on hands-on activities and projects. We’ll take things apart to understand how they work, and we’ll apply what we learn to build things. Topics will include drafting, CAD using Inventor, dimensioning, tolerances, materials, fasteners, gears, bearings, actuators, and other mechanisms. Students will be introduced to the engineering design process, and they will learn about the role of mechanical engineers in industry. The course will take place in the Whitaker Lab and students will be trained on the majority of the tools in the lab.

In this course, you will amaze your friends, while you will dive into the fascinating world of electronics. You will learn how to solder, use capacitors, timing chips, work with solar energy and transistors in order to make a garden light and make laser trip wires to trigger scary things. You will learn how to amplify sound (op-amps). You will learn how to make electronic switches (transistors). You will learn how to move things (solenoids and linear motors). Most importantly you will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a real-world setting by making cool stuff. There is very little nightly homework, but instead, it is expected that you put in extra time each week in the lab to work on your circuits or major project. The culminating project for this class is a musée mécanique exhibit to be shown at the Maker Faire.

Prerequisites: Prerequisite is B- in Physics or Conceptual Physics. This is a sophomore/junior level course.

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