Current Affairs and Civil Discourse (2S)


We are living through history, and they say journalism is the first draft of history writing. So we’ll try to understand the period we are living through – the pandemic, political ferment and polarization, racial reckoning, etc – as first-draft historians. Most of the readings will be from newspapers and periodicals, and we will listen to podcasts and TV news segments. The course will end with a research project of the student’s choosing. The main goals in this class are to:

  • Help make you deeply knowledgeable about the topics we cover in class – and you will have a large say in the topics we cover
  • Get you to engage with different perspectives both in the readings and in discussions
  • Guide you through a major research project.  
  • Help you become a more confident, cogent, and concise writer
  • Offer you a highly relevant learning experience

Instructor: Mr. Schafer

Honors option available to juniors and seniors. 

Prerequisites: Open to seniors and juniors, and sophomores if space is available.