Graphic Standards

Here on our Menlo School Graphic Guidelines page, you will find downloadable images of our School Seal and Signature, as well as logos for Menlo Athletics and individualized logos for each team. On each of these pages, there is a link to a PDF that includes Usage Guidelines for each individual image such as required fonts, colors, and other important information to have when working with branding materials. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Communications Team at 330.2000 ext. 2620 or


Why These Guidelines Are Important

Graphic guidelines are the rules and regulations for using the Menlo Seal, Signature, and other approved graphic identity elements for communications, both printed and electronic. This means that publications such as brochures, booklets, posters, invitations; electronic communications such as e-newsletters and websites, as well as athletic apparel, gift items, and banners have standards that must be followed. Graphic standards are necessary to strengthen Menlo’s brand identity, so that all communications vehicles from Menlo School, including apparel, consistently look as if they’re coming from Menlo and not somewhere else. We also create a distinctive look that is specific to Menlo, so that all of our various constituent groups (students, parents, prospective students, alumni, donors, faculty, and staff) can easily distinguish Menlo and what it represents.

Useful Tips

Consistent reproduction of these symbols is essential. They must always be reproduced from the original design, and must never be redrawn, revised, or altered. If you need to resize the Seal or Signature to fit your project, the proportions must be the same as the original version.