At Menlo, we believe that engagement in the classroom provides the best student learning.

Menlo’s programs are made even stronger by the use of technology in and out of the classroom. Today’s students rely on technology for accessing information, communicating with their teachers and peers, creating and designing, writing and research.

BYOD: Laptops in the Upper School

All Upper School students are required to bring a laptop with them to school each day, charged and ready to use.

While teachers are equipped with Mac laptops, students may bring either Mac or Windows devices.

BYOD: iPads in the Middle School

Menlo School celebrates Student Achievement Night. Photo by Pete Zivkov.Menlo School celebrates Student Achievement Night. Photo by Pete Zivkov.Middle School students are required to bring an iPad with them daily to school (Sixth graders should wait to bring their iPads until late October when we have an orientation program).

The iPad program builds upon the technology already on campus, which includes computer labs in the Middle and Upper Schools, laptop carts, SMART boards and projection systems in all classrooms.

Other Resources

As you think about the new school year, you may want to become familiar with what equipment to provideschool policies, financial assistancefrequently asked questions about iPads and some resources for parenting in the digital age.



Menlo technology is at its best when it provides access to engaging tools and information that enhance students’  learning and the strong relationships they have with their teachers.

—Eric Spross, Director of Technology