A quick primer on entering Roundtable content in LiveWhale. First, switch into the “Roundtable” group.

Past Issues

  • Older issues will automatically appear on the Past Issues page.
  • Each issue shows an image, selected from one of the articles. To control which image shows, tag the article with “issue-image
  • Otherwise, the article images will be shown at random behind the issue name.

Adding a new article

  • Go to Profiles > Roundtable Articles to add a new article. 
  • Make sure the article image is at least 1600 px wide by 532 px tall.
  • Tag the article with “teaser-left” to display the author’s image on the right and the teaser on the left (teaser appears on the right by default).
  • In the issue dropdown, select the issue that the article belongs to.

Adding an author

  • Go to Profiles > Roundtable Authors to add a new author. Each author must have a profile.
  • Make sure the author’s name matches the firstname lastname entered on the article. 
  • Add an image for each author, and enter their graduation year.

Adding a new issue

  • First create some new articles for the new issue.
  • When ready to launch the new issue, go to Blurbs > Roundtable Issue
  • Add a new blurb and enter the title of the new issue (Winter 2018)
  • You also need to go to Manage Profile Types then Edit a profile type (the edit option appears below the profile name), and add it to the list of issues (under Custom Profile Fields).
  • Remove the star from the old issue (keep it live) and star the new issue.
  • Articles in the new issue will automatically appear on the homepage and in the Roundtable menu.