Mission and Values

Menlo School’s mission is to empower students to explore and expand their interests, reach their fullest potential, develop the skills necessary for success in college, and become ethical, responsible, and engaged members of ever wider communities.


At Menlo School, we are passionate about encouraging students to:

  • Pursue high standards of academic excellence.
  • Discover the joy of learning.
  • Stretch themselves and raise challenging questions.
  • Demonstrate courage, integrity and a commitment to ethical behavior.
  • Develop a sense of commitment to purposes larger than themselves.
  • Appreciate the richness of diversity.
  • Think independently and creatively.
  • Take progressively more responsibility for themselves and their education.
  • Lead healthful lives.


At the center of Menlo School is a deep commitment to the development and welfare of each individual student. The School offers extensive academic, athletic, arts and extracurricular activities designed to:

  • Promote among students, teachers, coaches and staff relationships that are respectful and inspirational.
  • Balance rigorous expectations with extensive encouragement and support.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Menlo School is committed to being a heterogeneous and inclusive community. We believe students are better educated and prepared to succeed when the School community—students, families, faculty, administration, and staff—is diverse and inclusive. Diversity benefits the entire community by providing a wide range of perspectives and experiences. We embrace a broad definition of diversity: an inclusive community comprised of people with different racial, cultural, economic, and religious backgrounds, as well as different gender identities and sexual orientations. In addition, we support students with a wide variety of interests, talents, physical abilities, personalities, and politics. Learn more about our inclusive community.

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