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Overview of Middle School Athletics

Menlo’s Middle School Athletics program offers both a high level of competition and a wide array of sports for students to choose from.

Across four seasons spanning the academic year, there are over 50 interscholastic teams and additional instructional courses. Because the Middle School Athletics program serves as our Physical Education program, 100% of students participate and teams practice during the school day.

 The emphasis of Middle School sports is less on winning than on sportsmanship, building skills, learning to work as a team, and providing each player a chance to participate in structured competition. We offer as many teams as are necessary based on the number of participants and the skill level of individual athletes. Players are expected to play and are guaranteed playing time in all athletic events. Athletes who are more skilled and who show a high degree of effort and commitment will probably get more playing time in athletic events.

We do have some stratification when it comes to basketball and girls volleyball. We find that having “A” teams and “B” teams help students advance at a level more suited to their ability. We have many students who have not played sports and need the opportunity to learn the basics while others are more experienced or have a higher skill level and need a little bit more of an advanced teaching approach. The league also offers a program that has an “A” league and “B” league and it works well with our philosophy.

Please email Joe McDonald at if you have any additional questions and visit Menlo School Parent/Student Athletics handbook.

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about our Middle School Athletics Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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