Sports Medicine

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Menlo School’s sports medicine program provides injury prevention, care, treatment and management services to student-athletes. Menlo’s program consistently strives to be a leader in the field of sports medicine and works to establish itself as a model of excellence using current, evidence-based practices.

Our goal is to provide prompt care for athletic injuries, enable injured student-athletes to return to play as soon as possible and promote overall health and wellness.

Menlo works in conjunction with the strength and conditioning program, coaches, athletics support staff, school administration, physicians, allied healthcare professionals, and local colleges and universities to provide the best possible care and rehabilitation for our student-athletes.

Training Room Hours 

Mondays-Fridays: Noon to 7:00 pm when a Menlo School athletic trainer is present.

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Sports Medicine staff

Aubrey (Yanda) Fennell, Head Athletic Trainer


Stephanie Swan





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Concussion Management Program

Menlo School Recommendations: Cognitive Rest for Concussions 

Menlo School believes that the health and safety of our student-athletes are of paramount importance. Over the past 10 years, Menlo School has been a leader in management and treatment of concussions in middle and high school student-athletes in the Bay Area and around the country. We strive to stay informed about current research practices and to support causes we believe will lead us to a better understanding of concussions. The concussion management program was implemented to ensure our student-athletes not only return to the classroom safely but to athletic competition safely as well.