Menlo News April 07, 2023

Middle School Students Jump Into Wellness Week

A tech-free week to unplug, recharge, and focus on well-being

The Middle School kicked off Wellness Week with a bonanza of bounce houses, games, music, and barbecue, under a gorgeous spring sky, out on the Loop. It might sound like all fun and games (because it is, mostly), but Wellness Week also serves as an important reminder of how self-care, unstructured fun, and working on some stress-relief is a necessary component to a student’s overall well-being.

With a full week free of homework, tests, quizzes, presentations, and screens, Middle School students participated in a scavenger hunt, a volleyball game, and de-stressed with a petting zoo on the quad. Tune-In Tuesday provided students with the space to share with their classmates how they manage anxiety, prioritize well-being, and practice self-care. Thoughtful Thursday gave students an outlet to express their gratitude to classmates and teachers, by writing notes of thanks and creating floral arrangements. Thursday’s activities also included a cultural picnic where students played different games from around the world. Fluffy Friday was as fluffy as promised, with a stress-reducing petting zoo full of ducks, bunnies, and a popular pig who sat on her throne in amusingly regal style.

“This week we unplugged to spend less time in front of screens and more time in front of each other,” said Middle School counselor and Human Skills teacher, Kaila Uniacke. “Whether that be sliding down jumpy castles together, listening to our peers present on how they manage mental health, cheering on each other during a staff versus student volleyball game, writing letters of gratitude to loved ones or unwinding with a fluffy petting zoo! My hope for Wellness Week is for our students to learn from these opportunities and skills, so that they can feel empowered to be their best possible selves.”

Check out a gallery of fun photos from Middle School Wellness Week here.