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From the Head of School

A Note from Than Healy

Welcome to Menlo School!

At Menlo, we defy the notion that learning cannot be playful and that an academic community cannot be irresistibly joyful. We believe that balanced students will serve the world more effectively, and we have built strong and vibrant academic, artistic, and athletic programs to serve this ideal. And finally, we believe that education is about relationships: between peers engaged in the pursuit of excellence and between students and teachers working inside and outside the classroom. We structure our programs and hire our faculty and staff with this goal in mind.

When our students walk across the graduation stage, they will live in a world that isn’t limited to the United States, the English language, face-to-face interactions, or problems that can easily be solved through one discipline. Menlo offers our students a relevant education, one that prepares them for this world. And when they leave Menlo, we know they will live a life that will make all of us proud.  

I invite you to take a look around this website and to visit Menlo. See for yourself the joy that comes from engaged, dynamic teaching and learning, and think about how you might thrive in this community.



For more about Menlo, see the archive of KnightLine, monthly messages to the Menlo community from the School’s senior administration and thought leaders.

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