Battle of the Classes

Battle of the Classes is Menlo’s annual alumni fundraising drive for financial aid.

Join us in this spirited and highly entertaining participation competition between classes. 

Battle of the Classes Supports Financial Aid

  • 100% of the money raised helps students cover the cost of a Menlo education
  • 21% of Menlo students receive financial aid.

It’s About Participation!

This is a participation competition; it’s not about dollars raised—every gift, no matter the amount, helps your class’s participation grow! It’s about engagement with your alma mater and coming together to support the next generation of students. So whether you give $5 or $500, it all counts and makes an impact. OR you can contribute the equivalent of your class i.e. 2008 = $20.08 or $200.80, 2020 = $20.20 or $2.02, 1986 = $86.00 or $19.86 or $198.60!

Easy to Give:

Have a Look Back!

Visit a collection of photos from years past on the Menlo Flickr site.  Enjoy photos from past classes and see some snaps of photos of beloved faculty members.


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