Test image. Test image.

Example Page

Audience Portal Template

To add an image with heading element:

  1. Insert > Content Layout > Photo Banner with Heading
  2. Double-click the image to change it
  3. Change the heading (heading 2)

To add a set of resource links:

  1. Insert > Content Layout > Columns: Four-Column Resource List
  2. Double-click the widgets in each column and adjust tags
  3. Change the heading in the column (heading 6)
  4. Click the green inner + button to add another row under the same heading; or click the green outer + button to add a new heading and resources row.
  5. Change the icon in the heading by double-clicking the image and selecting a new icon from the collection

To add a individual resources to these lists:

  1. Your Content (Group: Menlo School) > Blurbs > Resource Links (direct link)
  2. Add: Title, Resource Link URL, Tags
  3. Save as Live

First set of resource links