The Menlo Roundtable

To What Extent Does the Practice of Gratitude Benefit Personal Relationships and Communication?

This paper delves into the evolution and significance of gratitude, tracing its roots from the Latin word “gratus” to its modern connotations of thankfulness and appreciation.

Through the personal narrative of John Kralik, who turned his life around by practicing gratitude, the paper illustrates how intentional gratitude can transform one’s perspective and enhance relationships. Despite criticisms suggesting that gratitude might overlook red flags in relationships, the paper argues that genuine gratitude fosters deeper connections without justifying mistreatment. Drawing from psychological studies and neuroscience, it demonstrates how expressing gratitude strengthens bonds and activates brain regions associated with altruism and love. However, the paper acknowledges limitations and proposes further research to optimize gratitude practices in relationships. Ultimately, it advocates for the intentional application of gratitude to cultivate meaningful connections and enrich communication, aligning with its original meaning of being pleasing, welcome, and agreeable.

Photo: Courtesy of ShutterStock