The Menlo Roundtable

Modern Day Jukebox

The purpose of the jukebox was to create a way for people to enjoy their favorite music when change was inserted into the machine, especially back in the 50s before iPods or any form of digitally playing music was invented.

The jukebox would drop records in an order based on when a song was paid for and selected. Today, while there hasn’t been a practical use for a jukebox due to digital music technology, there are people who are still intrigued by its retro value and make their own DIY versions. In my project, I am essentially maintaining the vintage encasing but replacing the use of records with accessing music files online. I am embracing the uniqueness and old-fashioned concept of a jukebox and recreating it such that it fits in our modern society. Its purpose is to bring back the decorative components of a traditional jukebox, with a modern twist.