Menlo Cares Program

The Menlo Cares Program provides confidential meal support to members of the Menlo School Community in the event of a major illness, loss of an immediate family member, or change in family circumstance.

Our supportive volunteers rotate during a two-week period to drop off meals either at a designated location at school or the home of the in-need family.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Menlo Cares has made adjustments to keep everyone healthy and safe. For the time being, the program will be limited to purchasing gift cards to local restaurants, food delivery services, or other food distribution sites, such as Target, Walmart, or Costco. If you would like to volunteer your support, please fill out this form. If you or someone you know in our Menlo Community would benefit from this support, please reach out to either Tracy Bianchi or one of our Menlo Cares committee members, Sora Kang, Heidi Abrams, or Erin McBride Crocker.

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