About The Menlo Roundtable.

“Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair.” —George Washington

The Roundtable is a triannual publication of excellent student research, writing, and performance. First published in 2008, it features work from Menlo classes and programs on a wide variety of subjects: literature, history, photography, art, science, leadership, world language, musical performance, drama, community engagement, computer science, and even sometimes math.

Menlo teachers submit student work to the Roundtable editor for consideration, and students are consulted on editing before publication. Work is chosen for publication on the basis of two central values of the School: academic excellence and a vivid personal engagement in learning. The pieces are exceptional rather than typical in this regard—they represent the high standards we encourage students to aim for. They are not meant to suggest that everything our students produce is of this caliber—though much more of it is than we have room to publish here. Instead, they are meant to display a sample of Menlo School’s values in action. If you want to know what we mean when we talk about excellence and engagement, have a look.

The print archive of Roundtable articles published from 2017-2008 is temporarily unavailable but will be reposted later in 2024.