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Menlo School Covid Protocol – Fall 2023

The California Department of Public Health requires everyone who tests positive for Covid—regardless of vaccination status, previous infection, or lack of symptoms—to isolate at home for at least 5 days after the start of symptoms (Day 0), or if no symptoms, for 5 days after the date of the first positive test (Day 0).

End Isolation after Day 5 if:

  • No symptoms or symptoms are mild/significantly improving AND no fever for at least 24 hours without fever-reducing medication.
  • Return to campus on Day 6 if you meet these criteria.

Extend Isolation if:

  • Fever persists beyond Day 5—wait to return until 24 hours after the fever has resolved without the use of fever reducing medications (Tylenol and/or Advil).
  • If symptoms continue, isolate until symptoms improve or resolve.

Wear a Mask:

  • After isolation, wear a well-fitted N95 mask around others for 10 days, especially when indoors. Two consecutive negative tests taken 24 hours apart can end the mask requirement.

    For example: Melody originally tested positive on April 25, and isolated for 5 full days. Melody’s Day 6 is Monday, May 1. Her antigen test was positive Monday morning, but she can return to school wearing a mask as she has been fever-free for more than 24 hours, her symptoms have resolved, and she is not taking any medications for fever or other symptoms. On Tuesday morning, May 2, Melody tests negative and comes to school wearing a mask. On Wednesday morning, May 3, Melody, still symptom- and fever-free, tests negative again, allowing her to attend school without a mask.

If Symptoms Return after Isolation

  • Stay home when symptomatic; it’s also advised to be tested again. If the test is positive, isolation should restart from Day 0.

Please contact if your student tests positive for Covid.

Individuals with severe symptoms, those at high risk of serious complications, or those with concerns about their health should consult their healthcare provider for potential treatments.

We continue to ask that all individuals who are feeling unwell, remain home even if they test negative, and until they are feeling better and their symptoms have improved.

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Menlo’s Response Team has continued to monitor the  Covid-19 pandemic. Watch this page for updates.

The 2022-2023 School Year

Quick Links

  • Read the PCR testing FAQs here.
  • Pre-register for PCR testing on campus with Inspire Diagnostics.
  • What should you do if your student is out with Covid but well enough to learn from home? Please contact us as follows to request access to remote learning for a medically excused absence. Parents should email their request as soon as possible and, if known, the anticipated duration of absence to the Middle School Office ( or Upper School Office ( Please ask your students to check Canvas for their teachers’ instructions, as next steps may look slightly different depending on the day or mode of learning in each class.

Our plan for starting the 2022-2023 school year is outlined below. Keep in mind that flexibility and adaptability in responding to changing dynamics will continue to be essential elements to our success in keeping our campus and community safe. 

By way of background, the Covid variants that are currently dominant in our area (as of August 2022) are more likely to produce symptoms and appear to take longer to leave the system than previous versions of this disease. As such, our approach will focus less on screening for asymptomatic cases and much more on reducing the risk of on-campus transmission by preventing those who are symptomatic from coming to campus and continuing to take a cautious approach to events where transmission may occur easily such as dining indoors and large indoor assemblies. 

Much of our approach is similar to how we ended last spring:

What’s new?

A Note about Monkeypox

On top of everything else, we are also monitoring Monkeypox in our area. To date, there have been 15 confirmed cases identified in San Mateo County, and the Department of Health has indicated that this virus is not highly transmissible in schools, nor a concern for us at this time. The hallmark of the Monkeypox virus is a shingles-like painful rash spread through skin-to-skin contact or via kissing infected individuals. As always, we ask that anyone experiencing a rash of unknown origin remain home until diagnosed or the rash is vastly improved. Our Health Office can help concerned community members access information or medical support.

In Closing

As we have done for the last three years, we will continue to monitor the progress of all infectious diseases in our community and keep an eye on infection levels here on campus and adapt our protocols accordingly. If we have learned anything through our collective experiences it is that how we start the year will likely not be how we will end the year. With that said, we realize that individual members of our community will receive our protocol decisions differently. If you have any questions or concerns about the approach we are taking, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us as we are eager to be helpful in any way we can. 

Covid Vaccine Policy

Menlo’s Comprehensive Safety Plans

Family Support Resources

Parents and guardians are a key part of a student’s success. As part of our commitment to them and their children at Menlo, we aim to partner with parents and guardians not only during times of joy and celebration but also during times of need or crisis. Menlo’s family support programs work to ensure that all families can fully participate in the life of the school. Our team works directly with families on a wide range of issues, particularly those that directly affect student learning, their sense of belonging, wellness, and various forms of personal security. We aim to promote equity and inclusion by providing personalized access to resources on campus and throughout the greater communities where our families reside.

Family Support Programs and Community Resources
Core Service Agencies

Los padres y guardianes son una parte clave del éxito de un estudiante. Como parte de nuestro compromiso ha ellos y ha sus hijos en Menlo, nuestro objetivo es asociarnos con padres y guardianes no solo en momentos de alegría y celebración, sino también en momentos de necesidad o crisis. Los programas de apoyo familiar de Menlo trabajan para garantizar que todas las familias puedan participar plenamente en la vida de la escuela. Nuestro equipo trabaja directamente con familias en amplios temas, particularmente aquellos que afectan directamente el aprendizaje de los estudiantes, su sentido de pertenencia, bienestar y diversas formas de seguridad personal. Nuestro objetivo es promover la equidad y la inclusión al proporcionar acceso personalizado a los recursos en el campus y en las comunidades locales donde residen nuestras familias.

Programas de apoyo familiar y recursos comunitarios
Agencies de servicios esenciales

Menlo Cares

The Menlo Cares Program provides confidential meal support to members of the Menlo School community in the event of a family tragedy, major illness, or loss of an immediate family member. This support continues, modified for health and safety, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about Menlo Cares.