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Richard Weissbourd: MODELING YOUR VALUES 
ANA HOMAYOUN: Social Media Wellness
JONATHAN SCOTT: The BUzz on Substances

February 3, 2018
8:00 am - 12:30 pm

This year’s Parent & Faculty Education Conference focuses on “Parenting in a World of Mixed Messages”.  Menlo has invited three speakers to share their expertise on factors which influence our evolving definition of self, an existential journey which begins in middle school, matures in high school, and continues throughout our lives. Our three speakers will focus on forces which reinforce or undermine our authentic self. 

Richard Weissbourd

Richard Weissbourd is a psychologist and a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Kennedy School of Government.  He is the faculty director for both the Making Caring Common Project and the Human Development and Psychology Master’s Program at Harvard. Richard’s current work focuses on children’s moral and ethical development, how parents can raise more caring children, and how adults can mentor teenagers and young adults so that they are able to develop more ethical and mature romantic relationships. He is the author of two highly acclaimed books: The Parents We Mean to Be: How Well-Intentioned Adults Undermine Children’s Moral and Emotional Development and The Vulnerable Child: What Really Hurts America’s Children and What We Can Do About It.  Richard has written for numerous scholarly and popular publications and blogs, including The New York Times, The Huffington Post, CNN, The New Republic, NPR and Psychology Today. He is a founder of several intervention programs for at-risk children including Project ASPIRE, ReadBoston,  WriteBoston, and the Lee Academy pilot school in Boston.

Ana Homayoun

Ana Homayoun is an author, educator, and coach who has spent the past fifteen years helping teens and young adults grow into resilient, thoughtful, and engaged young people. Her first book, That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week: Helping Disorganized and Distracted Boys Succeed in School and Life, provides practical solutions to the common organization, time-management and motivation challenges facing many tweens and teens.  Her second book, The Myth of the Perfect Girl: Helping Our Daughters Find Authentic Success and Happiness in School and Life, explores the real-life dilemmas faced by so many girls and young women stuck in the quest to find success amid a culture of perfectionism. This second book offers simple, implementable strategies for overcoming the need to live up to others’ standards of success.  Her latest book, Social Media Wellness: Helping Tweens and Teens Thrive in an Unbalanced Digital World,  explains the new language of social media socialization. In this book, Ana details techniques parents and educators can successfully employ in work with students to promote self-regulation, safety, and well-being in an always-on digital culture.  She is the founder of the Silicon Valley-based Green Ivy Educational Consulting, where she works with parents, teachers and students on building intrinsic motivation. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, ABC News, and USA Today, and she is a frequent guest on NPR.

Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott is a professional speaker and educator working to improve conversations among teens, parents and educators around alcohol, tobacco, drugs and other substances.  Jonathan offers practical suggestions on how parents can engage their middle school and high school kids in discussions about peer pressure, the impact of substance use on the developing teen brain, the consequences kids face “when things go awry”, and safety.  He has co-authored four handbooks: Not All Kids Do Drugs: Lessons in Drug Prevention: Handbook One Proactive Parenting Techniques; The Mother’s Checklist of Drug Prevention: Handbook Two: All the Little Things We Say and Do; Where’s The Party: Handbook Three : How To Party Protocol for Parents and Teens; and Not All Kids Do Drugs: Handbook Four:  Proactive Technique for Teens. Jonathan is the co-founder of the Miles To Go Drug Prevention Education Program, an interactive lecture series which has informed and inspired conversations around alcohol, tobacco and drugs over the last twenty years with humor, scientific facts, research, personal stories and realistic scenarios.  Jonathan shares his own past experience with addiction. He strives to encourage healthy and informed choices for preteens, teens and adults. Jonathan has partnered with parenting website, which features short videos from parenting experts.  

Conference Schedule for Saturday Feburary 3, 2018 

  • 8:00  -   8:15           Registration &  Breakfast
  • 8:15  -   8:30           Welcome & Introductions
  • 8:30  -   9:15           Ana Homayoun- Social Media Awareness
  • 9:15  -  10:00         Jonathan Scott - The Buzz on Substances
  • 10:00 - 10:15         Break
  • 10:15 - 11:20         Richard Weissbourd - Modeling Your Values
  • 11:20 - 12:20         Speakers in Conversation with Than Healy
  • 12:20 - 12:30         Closing Remarks


The Parent and Faculty Education Conference has become a cornerstone of Menlo School’s commitment to support parents and faculty in raising engaged, confident, curious children.

Few school events bring the entire adult community together to act on a core value we all share profoundly: raising engaged, confident, compassionate, thoughtful children. A tradition founded by a few visionaries, the conference gives us the invaluable opportunity to hear from professionals with a wide variety of expertise on wide ranging topics. The conference encourages attendees to reflect on our roles individually and collectively. With renewed energy, attendees leave each conference with practical tips to put to use, inspiring ideas to reframe perspective, and common experiences to fuel discussions long afterwards.

Are you interested in getting involved in the 2018 Parent & Faculty Education Conference?

We are always looking for volunteers interested in parent education. Our committee is the hub for fantastic discussions and teamwork.

If you would like to help with the 2018 Conference, please email the parent co-chairs Tina Crisci and Andrea Enright.

Three faculty members, each a professionally licensed counselor,  work with parent co-chairs to bring this conference to our community. The parent-faculty planning ensures the themes are relevant and connected to those facing our students. The Parent Education Conference committee strives to link conference content with topics relevant to the support, education and engagement of our Menlo community. If you have questions for our faculty coordinators, please contact Upper School counselor Tracy Bianchi and Middle School counselor Katherine Peterson


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can attend?                                                                                                                                                                            

The conference is for Menlo community only.
Menlo parents, faculty, alumni and the parents of Menlo alumni are welcome.
Is there a fee to attend?
There is no fee to attend the conference. The event is funded by Menlo School.
What if I can only attend part of the conference?
Please feel free to attend any portion of the conference you wish. Q: Can I bring a friend whose son/daughter has applied to Menlo?
Due to space limitations and the desire to have this be a unique Menlo community building event, we cannot extend additional invitations beyond the current Menlo parents and faculty.
Will the speakers know Menlo well?
We make a concerted effort to introduce our speakers to Menlo before they arrive and acquaint them with our audience so the conference addresses and resonates with the Menlo community.
Is there child care?
We are not able to offer childcare.
Can I come if I am not preregistered?
You are welcome to attend, even if you do not preregister, but please sign in at the “Walk-in Registration”. Preregistration helps us plan our space and refreshment needs, and we are grateful to those who can register in advance.
What if my plans change at the last minute and I cannot attend?
If your plans change and you are not able to attend, there is no need to cancel. We hope you will be able to attend in a future year.

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