The Menlo Roundtable


According to teacher-composer Karen Linford, the talent and skill of arranging music is “the ability to take the chords composed within a piano piece, and hear what instruments and textures would work well within an instrumental context.”

“So [these students] have a sense that certain instruments might not sound great on the melody, for instance. They are reshaping what the composer wrote so they are painting on a unique canvas.”

Title A.

Arrangement of “You Are the Reason” (Calum Scott, etc.)
Ayla Seddighnezhad ’22
Read the sheet music here.

 Title B.

Arrangement of Violin Sonata L 140, Claude Debussy
Andromeda Kepecs ’22
Read the sheet music here.

 Title C.

Arrangement of “The Bygone Days, theme song from the film “Porco Rosso”
Oliver Lee ’21
Read the sheet music here.

Photo: Adobe Stock