Names to Know (Upper School)

These people can help with any questions you might have.

You can also search for someone in the search box at the top of the page.  All email addresses are

Main School Number       650.330.2000
Academic Support     Kathryn Gray   ext. 2279
Address changes   Academic Office   ext. 2200
Athletics   Joe McDonald   ext. 2456
Attendance       ext. 2300
Courses and Schedules (Registrar)   Julie Hammack   ext. 2210
Dean of Freshman Transition   Cindy Lapolla   ext. 2313
Financial Aid   Beth Bishop   ext. 2600
Math placement   Rachel Chou   ext. 2245
Medical Forms and Health   Joan Barada   ext. 2530
Ordering books   Joan Iwamoto   ext. 2535
Parent community (MSPA)   Mary Pinkus
Student Life Director   Tony Lapolla   ext. 2323
Technology   Eric Spross   ext. 2587
Tuition/Billing   Bigya Chatuat   ext. 2575
Upper School Director   John Schafer   ext. 2222
World Language placement   Rebecca Mouser   ext. 2324

For the Middle School, contact these people.

(Please note that many offices are closed during the month of July, but if you leave a message they’ll get back to you as soon as they return in August—and there will still be plenty of time to answer your question or solve your problem before school starts.)